What is a flavoured electronic vaping device?

A flavoured electronic vaping device commonly known as “electronic shisha” is an electronic device that produces a flavoured vapour. It is powered by a battery inside the device that powers up a small coil element which then heats up the e-liquid and produces a flavoured vapour.

What are the benefits compared to smoking cigarettes and shisha/hookah?

Our products do not contain any of the following that a normal cigarette or shisha/hookah would contain.




When inhaled a battery heats an coil element to produce flavoured vapour whereas in smoking cigarettes/shisha/hookah you are burning tobacco and inhaling harmful chemicals.

Are there any health risks?

Our Magic sticks produce a vapour which does not have any known health risks. If you have any allergies or concerns we advise you speak with your GP.

Are Magic Sticks suitable for under 18 year olds or pregnant women?


What are the ingredients?

The main ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water, and flavour which are used in every day foods/products.

Please read the ‘about us’ section for more information.
How long does shipping take?

Australia wide takes between 3-5 Business Days

International Shipping takes between 10-15 Business Days

Is shipping free for everyone?
Unlit Magic provides standard shipping by AusPost to all customers. We cannot offer any guarantee of delivery or accept liability for lost orders with the $5 flat international shipping. Should you have any delivery issues contact your local Post Office. If you want a “tracking number” delivery service then contact us before ordering as this would be a further cost.

Do you ship to all countries?

We do ship to all countries but we do not accept the liability of not receiving your order. Please check with your countries customs guidelines for electronic cigarettes before ordering as some countries do not allow these items through and it is not our responsibility.